Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Private Cloud Server?

Our Private Cloud Servers are dedicated instances on our network that provide powerful and dedicated resources to your website or application. These plans are higher priced because they guarantee you a set of resources to ensure your site can scale as needed as demand surges.

What is the benefit to using your Private Cloud Servers?

There are a few benefits including increased security, improved reliability and most importantly, access to guaranteed resources.

Who should use Private Cloud Servers?

Generally speaking, any business that runs a mission critical website and/or website application that requires intensive server resources. Most small business websites are fine with our shared cloud hosting plans, however, if you're running a custom built, database-driven application or website, need uptime guarantees and the ability to customize your hosting environment, then you are a likely candidate for our private cloud servers.

Are your Private Cloud Servers scalable?

Yes, any plan is completely scalable and can expand based on your usage. You can start with a small server and expand as your business expands.

What if I have a custom need like programming a script?

We have a development department that assists customers with more advanced programming and script writing. Our services are very affordable and work in conjunction with the website we design for you.

Can I run any type of application on my Price Cloud Server?

Yes, one of the benefits of using this server is the ability to completely customize your hosting environment to your specific needs. This means installing any type of application you need to run, making module specific changes to your server and adding any hosting components you need.

Where are your servers located?

We have various locations for our servers. Depending on your specific needs, your location may vary. We have servers in our own datacenter in Sacramento, California. We have servers with Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas and we have servers with Amazon Web Services. We help you pick the best environment for your specific needs.

How can I trust your hosting services?

We've been in business for over 15 years. Our hosting servers are based on the latest technologies including Dell servers, Vmware virtualization and Veaam backup and restore technologies.

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