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My Backup Cloud

Protect Your Important Data

Unlimited Online Backup

Syncs Across All Devices

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BuildYourSite Online Backup Services
  • web sharing
  • Online Backup & Storage

    Easily backup everything on your computer to the cloud. Restoring files is simple and intuitive. Protect yourself from data loss.

  • web sharing
  • Cloud Collaboration & Sync

    We make a snap to collaborate with anyone. See who's changed what and files are automatically synced across teams and devices.

  • web sharing
  • Web Sharing

    Sharing large files via email can be cumbersome. Our web sharing feature makes it much easier to share files with anyone.

  • cloud sync
  • Cloud Sync

    Stop sending files to your home computer and vice versa. Cloud Sync syncs files between all your devices automatically.

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Unlimited Storage
Access Your Files Anywhere
Works with Mac and Windows
100% Automated
Security Built-in
Mobile App Available

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space can I backup?

There's no limit, you can backup a few files or your entire computer.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is secured using military grade AES-256 encryption to keep your files safe and secure.

Do I need to manually backup files?

No, MyWebBackup is completely automated and runs in the background.

Does it work on a Mac?

Yes, our backup client works on Macs and Windows computers.

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Never Lose Your Precious Data

MyWebBackupCloud is included on most plans and will be an important asset to your business. Protect your data, easily collaborate and share files - all across multiple devices.

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*Included free on our Professional, E-commerce & Max Plans

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  • cloud backup
    My Backup Cloud

    Easily backup everything on your computer to the cloud. Restoring files is simple and intuitive.

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