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Social Manager

Automate Your Social Media

Schedule Future Posts

Track Your Brand Reputation

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* Included free on our BusinessMax Plans

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Automatic Scheduling & Posting

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  • Manage Your Social Media

    Our social manager saves you time by providing one unified login to manage and post to all your social accounts.

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  • Auto-schedule Your Posts

    Automate your social media marketing. Let our Social Manager schedule posts for future publishing. Simply create a post and select a time & date you'd like it to publish

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  • Custom Designed Posts

    Stand out by customizing your social media posts with graphics, custom content, links and more.

  • cloud sync
  • Improve Your Presence

    Social Manager allows for automatic following, sharing which will improve your social media presence.

Brand Reputation Monitoring

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  • Track Your Company Keywords

    See what the social web is saying about your brand, product and more. Use this info to improve your service.

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  • Track Brand Influencers

    Identify your brand influencers. These can be satisfied customers or people that speak highly about your company.

  • web sharing
  • Track Company Reviews

    Track the various reviews sites like Yelp and see what people are saying about your company. Easily be informed.

  • cloud sync
  • Track Followers, Tweets and Likes

    Check your follower numbers, number of likes, number of re-tweets and more.

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Remote posting
Scheduled posts
Posting from RSS
Twitter marketing tools
Brand reputation monitoring
Social activity monitoring
Brand influencers tracking
Social CRM
Reviews monitoring
Website traffic stats
Search results position tracking
Multiple accounts management
Automatic liking of posts
Automatic follow/unfollow
Add friends & followers feature

Frequently Asked Questions

How can social manager grow my business?

Social Manager will save you time and automate your social media marketing. By creating an automated system to reach out to your clients, you'll grow your presence and business. change "clients" to followers.

Can I schedule future posts?

Yes, this is one of our best features. Simply create a post and select the time/date you want it to post.

What accounts can I manage?

Our system currently allows you to manage your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin accounts.

How do I add my social accounts?

It's easy to connect your social accounts. Simply go to settings and then add any accounts.

Can I share video or images?

Yes, our compose tool allows you to add feature rich content like video and images.

What if I don't have time?

We offer a managed social media marketing plan. Click here to get more info on our marketing plans.

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Social Media Management

Social Manager will allow you to grow your business using the power of social media. It's easy to automate your social marketing, reach out to followers and grow your business.

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* Included free on our Business Max Plan.

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